EPIC Companies is excited to announce their founding of two North Dakota based charities, EPIC Charities and EOLA Charities

January 13, 2022

These charities will build community and enhance the quality of life in the developments built by EPIC Companies. They will work in conjunction with other community organizations, school districts, park districts, and more to coordinate events at public plazas and spaces. The emphasis of these events will be on youth activities, youth sporting events, musicals, art, farmers markets, health events and general civic programs.

EPIC Charities will provide events that build relationships and create opportunities for community involvement. Supporting artists and adding art in the community is a goal of EPIC Charities. They plan to accomplish this by building art programs and integrating art into events and plaza spaces.

EOLA Charities will accomplish a similar mission as EPIC Charities, but it will be based specifically at EOLA Park in Fargo, ND. EOLA Charities plans to create wholesome experiences to enjoy living life in Fargo.

Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting charities and the future events coming to a community near you.

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